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Deposition & Court Reporting Services in Washington, DC

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Representing your client is more effective and successful with MGB Reporting, Inc.’s proven deposition and court reporting services in Washington, DC. Schedule services with MGB Reporting Inc. for unmatched services that allow for the best chance at the outcome your client wants.

 Our Options include:

• National Networking
• Multilingual & Sign Language Translations
• Security-Cleared Teleconferences
• Audiovisual Taping & Duplicating
• Federal/State/Local Hearings & Conferences
• Internet Connections for Real-Time Services
• DVD, CD & ASCII Discs
• Condensed & E-Transcripts

• E-Binders
• Live-Note Services
• Notary Services
• Expert Testimony
• Video Conferencing
• Full-Service Reporting

Transcription services in Washington, DC, that you can count on High-quality court reporting services in Washington, DC, and nationwide Whether you need deposition or notary services in Washington, DC, contact us


Accurate and Efficient Support

The legal system is built upon words. At its very core, the accuracy of those words can make a tremendous difference for all the parties involved in a case. That means transcription is not an element which an untrained individual should be expected to provide. It cries out for precision and thoroughness. Our court reporting services in Washington, DC, are accurate and efficient; it shows in the quality of our work and the timeliness of our support.

When you need precise and reliable services to help prepare a case, it’s a smart move to rely upon our experienced and certified court reporters. We are familiar with a very wide range of practices, procedures, and issues which allows our team to provide seamless court reporting.

Part of the Team

Rely on MGB Reporting Inc. to become a trusted part of your team for the entire period of our service to you. If you need support with expert testimony, we can handle that quickly and professionally through transcription and videotaping or whatever you need in that regard.

Thanks to the convenience of modern technology we can also offer remote availability and access to our services when a member of counsel can’t be present in the courtroom but wishes to stay on top of the proceedings.

By choosing us, you are going to work with a local court reporter you can trust who is intimately familiar with the system and the players within it and can turn that knowledge to your advantage through outstanding service.

Contact us to book our services. We proudly serve clients in Washington, DC, as well as across the nation through our remote capabilities.

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