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Reliable Translation Services in Washington, DC: Frequently Asked Questions

MGB Reporting, Inc. is a leading provider of reliable translation services in Washington, DC. Thanks to our skill and experience, we provide effective solutions to capture testimonies, court proceedings, depositions, and more. Getting the right service in this field can be challenging—and you might have questions. There is no need to worry: we have answers to some of the more common issues here.

I Am Operating under a Strict Timeline. Who May I Turn to for Transcription?

Today’s legal landscape renders time a luxury—and nobody can afford to waste time. As such, we offer legal transcription services that can be delivered in a day. We utilize the latest technology, including audio and video, to capture depositions and testimonies.

What Kind of Services Can a Legal Reporting Team Provide?

In addition to transcribing testimonies, a legal reporting company can assist a law firm in different capacities. For instance, they can facilitate security-cleared teleconferences by providing equipment and technological support. A team with multilingual capabilities may also translate testimonies from different languages, including sign language. If your project has particular circumstances, it is helpful to have access to a legal reporting team with a wide range of skills.

Legal transcription services ensure that you are keeping an accurate record of court proceedings. If you have any questions about transcription and video recording, you can always contact us to learn more about them.