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When it comes to legal matters, accuracy is paramount. The opposition will be ready to challenge you, so it is important to prepare the materials that can steer your case towards the best possible outcome. Work with a team that supports yours. MGB Reporting, Inc. is your reliable court reporting agency in Washington, DC. We provide a variety of services that allow you to enter the courtroom with confidence. From witness testimonies to audiovisual support, you can count on us to deliver honest and accurate information. 

Clients turn to us, time and again, thanks to our quality and consistency. By utilizing the latest equipment and technology, our court reporting team can transcribe and deliver correct information through the necessary channels. We pay attention to the details so that you can stay updated with what happens in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Our team is highly flexible and adaptive. We provide deposition services for a variety of scenarios, including the testimonies of subject matter experts and witnesses. We are also multilingual, ensuring that the information we gather is as accurate and true-to-the source as possible.

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MGB Reporting, Inc. is a full-service court reporting agency with experienced certified professionals who pay attention to your needs. From medical technology to bilingual translation, we do it all thanks to our network of specialists.

Synchronized text and video, as well as our teleconferencing and Internet transmissions, provide resources in any meeting room nationwide!

Professional deposition services in Washington, DC

To supplement our audiovisual and digital capabilities, we also offer transcription services. Whether the source material is a video or audio recordings, our attentive team members provide clear transcriptions of these materials for presentation in legal settings. We strive to facilitate solutions that are timely and cost-effective so that you can stay on-task.

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For commendable deposition services and litigating support, believe in our company. Our competitively priced work is available with the highest standards and the latest technology, meaning more accuracy and efficiency for you and your client from our court reporter in Washington, DC.


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Teamwork is the way to create success. It is easier for you to defend your client with professional help from our network of court reporters based in the Washington, D.C. area of Potomac, Maryland. MGB Reporting Inc. offers full litigation and court reporting services nationwide. We have 30 plus years of combined experience in working with the federal government, state governments, local government agencies and independent litigators, So we know what is expected when it comes to notarized stenographic, audio, and video transcriptions of pre-trial depositions, courtroom proceedings, hearings, rulings, arbitrations, and conferences. Think of us as your number one resource when you want to get the job done right.

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